If 2 all-new e-MTBs weren’t enough for you, how about this little number? Actually, there’s nothing little about the Patrol 691’s numbers. This impressive Enduro bike gets the full 29,36,150,157,160 treatment. What does all that mean? Keep reading.

29in wheels are the starting point of any fast bike, and that’s where we kicked off development of the Patrol 691. Hard-hitting 29in wheels with an internal rim width of 36mm for added grip and traction from Maxxis supplied rubber.

Fox 36 forks on both models of the Patrol 691 provide 160mm of front wheel travel. That’s enough suspension to ride into a small mountain nevermind over one.

150mm of progressive rear wheel suspension controlled by a Fox rear shock. Our Enduro specific suspension kinematic has a 3 stage design, supple off the top, stable in the middle and enough pop at the end to prevent a harsh bottom out.

And finally, 157 is for the Super Boost rear hub spacing. An essential part of the Patrol 691 design to ensure a stable, but short rear end for lively handling.

The Patrol 691 is proof that we don’t compromise on spec, and that performance bikes don’t need to be complicated. It’s time to #patrol.