Everything you need to know about the Shimano STEPS E8000

The Shimano STEPS E8000 motor is Shimano's flagship motor system for trail and enduro riding. The compact motor boasts 70Nm of torque and has 3 riding modes that can be fully customised via the Shimano E-Tube application.


Out of the box, Shimano's Trail model offers a controlled riding experience. The system monitors the amount of effort put into the system by the rider and adjusts the level of support to suit. 


Trail mode offers support from Eco to Boost modes and will change the amount of support depending on how you ride. This makes it a great option for off-road trails where sudden steep climbs might catch you out when in Eco mode, and where Boost might be overkill for certain sections.


In addition to Eco, Trail and Boost a 4th support mode is offered, a walk-assist mode perfects if you ever find the trail too steep or loose to climb.


Shimano's STEPS motor systems a full plug and play meaning that riders are able to customise their setup just as they would on a standard mountain bike. 


For example STEPs, systems can use various different motor mode controls and different Shimano screens can be used. This isn't just great for customisation, but also if you ever need to find spares for your bike.


The motor itself is compact and lightweight hitting the scales at only 2.89kg, this low weight coupled with the small size enables engineers to retain the classic look of a mountain bike and also ensure a lower centre of gravity for enhanced off-road handling.


With so many positives, great natural power delivery and Shimano's proven reliability it comes as no surprise that Patrol e-Bikes such as the Patrol E-Six and Patrol E-Zero use this top-tier motor system.

Shimano STEPS E8000 Features


  • Torque: 70Nm
  • Motor weight: 2.89kg
  • Riding modes: 3
  • Walk-assist: Yes


The STEPS E8000 motor combined with the Patrol/SMP 740Wh battery delivers enough power for Patroling the world farther and exploring more than ever before.