Bigger Battery = Bigger Adventure

If we were able to gather all of the mountain bikers from all over the world in one room and ask them "what would you change about your mountain bike habits?" we think we would hear the same answer from everyone, the desire to ride further, for longer and ultimately have more fun.

As mountain bikers, these are the things we all want. We want to be able to ride further distances, we want to discover new trails, and with this, we want more fun too.

This is part of the reason Patrol electric mountain bikes were developed. We wanted to offer riders, the option to take on bigger adventures and ride steeper terrain. Go to heights you never thought possible, or just use a spare hour to do more riding and relax.

Patrol / SMP 630Wh battery

Both the Patrol E-Six and Patrol E-Zero electric mountain bikes use the same Shimano E8000 motor system. A compact, easy to use and powerful e-Bike specific motor. 

To power that incredible motor though, we teamed up with battery specialists SMP.

Our aim to offer Patrol riders the ultimate in range and adventure meant a new battery system was required. The current 504Wh battery packs on the market are good for shorter rides, but that wasn't enough for us.

With the help of SMP, we were able to develop a powerful, compact and lightweight 630Wh battery pack. A battery so svelte that it is easily housed internally, but one that packs enough power to take you further.

Benefits of the Patrol/SMP 630Wh battery

  • Patrol E-Six and E-Zero both house their battery inside the frame. This ensures that the battery is protected from the elements. 
  • The larger battery means you always have power. Less time charging more time riding.
  • Ride further! Where other e-Bikes run out of juice Patrol e-Bikes keep on going.
  • An internal battery ensures a beautiful, clean design.
  • Better handling. Playing the large battery low in the frame means better handling and more fun!