Which should I buy Patrol E-Six or Patrol E-Zero?

It's time to choose a new bike, you know you want a Patrol e-Bike but you don't know which one is best? Not to worry! We have a few tips to help you choose the right Patrol e-Bike for you.


Before you choose which Patrol E-Bike to buy it's a good idea to think about how you will use the bike, and where you will ride it. This way you'll be sure to choose the best bike for you and have the most fun on it.


Tell me about the Patrol E-Zero.

Patrol E-Zero

Ok, first of all, let's take a look at what type of bike the Patrol E-Zero is.

The Patrol E-Zero is a hardtail e-MTB, what this means is that the bike features suspension at the front only. A hardtail e-MTB is perfect for riding on smoother trails and for using to commute and travel on.


That's not to say it can't handle something tougher though. If you have the skills and prefer riding a hardtail, then there is no reason why you can't take on more challenging rides. 


The Patrol E-Zero comes equipped with a 110mm suspension fork for ironing out the trail. 29in wheels with Maxxis 2.6in tyres ensure ample traction, and a top of the range Shimano 1x12 drivetrain helps you go anywhere.

Patrol E-Zero Shimano E8000 motor

Then there's the industry-leading Shimano E-8000 motor. With 70Nm of torque, the E-8000 is a proven mile muncher, able to get you through every adventure you have ever wanted to go on.


Is the Patrol E-Zero right for me?


  • Do you ride smoother trails?
  • Do you prefer something slightly lighter?
  • Are you more of an XC rider?
  • Do you plan to use the E-Zero to commute?


Answer yes to any of the above questions then the E-Zero might be a good bet. We would recommend heading to your local Patrol dealer and ask for a test ride.


Tell me about the Patrol E-Six

Patrol E-Six

The Patrol E-Six is the ultimate enduro e-Bike. We've taken the progressive geometry and long-travel suspension design from the Patrol E-Six enduro bike and combined it with Shimano's E8000 motor.

Patrol E-Six E8000 motor

The E-Six is for riders who want to ride up the most technical of climbs just so they can ride back down them again. Imagine it as your uplift, a way that you can turn any hill to your own personal bike park.


Is the Patrol E-Six right for you?


  • Do you ride on more challenging and technical terrain?
  • Do you plan on taking your exploration to the next level?
  • Are you more of an enduro or all-mountain rider?
  • Do you like to go big or go home?


If this sounds like the type of riding you plan on, then the Patrol E-Six is the best e-Bike for you. Get in touch with your local Patrol dealer and arrange a demo to see what the E-Six is capable of.