5 reasons a kids bike makes the perfect gift!

5 reasons a kids bike makes the perfect gift. Struggling to find that perfect gift for your kids this Christmas? What about a new bike?


If you're here and reading this then there's a good chance that you already know how much fun riding a bike can be, well what about sharing that fun with your kids with a bike this Christmas?


Not convinced? Well, read our 5 reasons why a kids bike makes the perfect gift below to see if we can change your mind.

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Think back to when you first rode a bike for yourself and try to remember just how exciting it felt. Sure we might think that getting our first car gives us our first sense of freedom, but riding a bike comes before that. For your child, riding a bike represents a huge stepping stone for them. This is the first time they get to control where they're going, how fast they get there and the route that they take. Riding a bike is more than simple fun it's your child's first sense of freedom and can help them to exercise their sense of adventure.




Speaking of exercise, riding a bike is a great way for your kids to become more physical in their free time. Not all kids enjoy soccer, football, or swimming, and riding a bike can offer them a new way to burn off all of that extra energy.


Reduce Screen Time


We're all guilty of enjoying a little too much screen time, either sitting in from of the TV or using a smartphone or tablet. Riding a bike is the perfect way to balance that screen time with some outdoor time. 




Riding to school, to the shops, or around the park might seem like just another day for you, but to your children, this is a huge new adventure. Every new puddle they ride through, each canopy of trees they ride under, it's all new and exciting and riding a bike brings this world of discovery to them at their own pace.


Sharing the fun


It's not just about your kids getting out on a bike and having fun, you can enjoy it too. Riding as a family is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy new experiences. Head out on your own family adventures, ride through fields and next to streams. Riding is more fun when it's with your family.

patrol kids bikes

Patrol Mountain not only builds mountain bikes for adults but also high-performance kids bikes, for little riders who want to get out and discover the unknown. 


For more details about our range of kids, bikes visit our product pages here or get in touch with us via email.