5 Tips To Ride Further On Your E-Bike

Riding further and for longer is what E-bike ownership is all about, but follow these 5 tips and you could ride even further.


We know that E-Bikes are the perfect vehicle for discovering new trails and uncovering natural beauty spots. The battery-powered motor of an E-Bike provides assistance when needed and the lower centre of gravity ensures stable handling, Patrol E-bike also come with larger capacity batteries to ensure more fun from a full charge.


But did you know that you can ride even further on your E-Bike by following these simple tips.


Use Eco Mode


Okay, this is perhaps the most obvious way to extend the range of your E-Bike. It's obvious really that using a lower power setting for more of the time can reduce drain and increase your range. 


Using Eco-Mode on your Shimano STEPS powered Patrol Mountain E-Bike when a trail is smooth of a climb not to steep not only cuts down on battery drain, but it also gives you a little extra workout too.


Reduce Weight


Carrying less gear with you is a great way to cut down weight and the less weight you carry with you the more range you'll achieve. Obviously, don't carry so little that you could be left stranded in the middle of ride, but be sensible about what you need to carry.


Another sensible way to reduce weight is by converting your tires to tubeless. Patrol bikes come with inner tubes as standard but the tire we use are tubeless-ready. Running tubeless reduces rotating mass, and will also help protect against punctures too!


Maintain Your E-Bike


Ensuring your E-Bike is in tip-top condition also means your drivetrain and motor will be running as efficiently as possible. A clean and well-lubricated drivetrain will require less energy to move effectively, and so will drain your battery far less.


It's also a good idea to keep an idea on bearings and seals if you ride in extreme weather conditions and ensure everything is running smoothly.


Run The Correct Pressures


Before each ride make sure that the air pressure in your tires is right for the trails that you'll be riding. Running your tires at too soft a pressure causes drag which slows the bike and requires more energy to move.


As well as keeping an eye on your tire pressure, also ensure suspension air pressure is correct and it provides a good, stable, pedal platform.


Use The Flow


Improving your riding technique makes you a faster rider, and we all know that the fastest riders on the planet are those who carry more speed and pedal less. Due to the nature of an E-Bike the more you pedal the more the motor is engaged, if you can pump and flow through a trail not only will you be faster but you'll also save some battery power!


The next time you head out on an E-Bike ride give these 5 tips a try and see if they help you ride faster, smoother and further!