What electric mountain bike should I buy?

With so many types of electric mountain bike models available it can be a little confusing to figure out which one would suit you and your type of riding best.


So to help you choose what electric mountain bike you should buy, we have listed a few of the differences between the 2 main types of e-MTB, the types of terrain each model is best suited for and a few tips on how you can choose the best electric mountain bike for you.


What are the different types of e-MTB?


There are actually many many different types of electric bike, but the main choice boils down to either a hardtail e-Bike or a full-suspension e-Bike.


What is a hardtail electric mountain bike?


A hardtail is a type of bike that does not have rear suspension. A hardtail looks like a traditional mountain bike and although it probably has suspension on the front it will not have any on the back.


What is a full-suspension electric mountain bike?


Full-suspension, also sometimes called dual suspension, are mountain bikes that have suspension on the front and suspension on the rear. Full-suspension e-Bikes are designed for tackling more challenging terrain at high speeds.


What electric mountain bike should I buy?


To choose which e-bike you should buy you should first think about the types of terrain you normally ride. If you generally ride smoother terrain, trail centres or flow trails, it's highly likely that a hardtail full-suspension electric bike is suitable for you.


Even if you occasionally ride on more aggressive or rugged terrain, a competent rider will be able to ride a hardtail without any issue. It's worth mentioning though that a hardtail won't offer as much comfort as a full-suspension bike in rough or rocky terrain, nor will it be as fast.


For more advanced riders or those of you who often ride on natural rocky trails that are more technical then a full-suspension electric bike is going to suit your riding style better.


A full-suspension e-bike will carry more speed in rough terrain, they offer more comfort and they also boast improve traction when climbing off-road too.


Is there anything else I should think about?


Before choosing the electric bike that you should buy, you should also take budget into account. Hardtail e-bikes are generally more affordable and you should get a better specification when compared to a similarly priced full-suspension bike.


It's also advisable to look at the different motor systems used on electric bikes. We recommend a Shimano Steps motor system such as the E8000 found on the Patrol E-Zero and Patrol E-Six electric bikes. You can learn more about Shimano Steps here.


Another important item to take into consideration is the battery location and battery size. Originally electric mountain bikes were fitted with an external battery, more modern bikes use an internal battery.


E-bikes with an internal battery tend to be more modern, have better weatherproofing, and a lower centre of gravity for improved handling.


Now that you have a better idea of what type of e-bike best suits you and your riding style, why not take a look at our range of Patrol e-Bikes to see which would fit you best.