Why should you buy an electric mountain bike?

Electric mountain bikes are slowly but surely taking over the cycling industry, but why should you buy an electric mountain bike?


Below we take a look at 5 reasons why an e-Bike might be your next cycling purchase.


Make the most of your time.


Mountain biking is our hobby, the way we get out and unwind after a hard day at work, but unfortunately, many other things can get in the way of our love of riding. Commuting to and from work, family responsibilities or even the change in season can all conspire to shorten your time in the saddle, so why not ride an electric mountain bike to make the most of your time?


Riding an electric mountain bike could potentially turn your lunchtime into another bike ride. Your weekend morning ride could double in length on an e-Bike and you’ll still be home at the time your family is expecting you.


You can even sneak out for a quality evening ride after work on an electric bike too! If you find your time taken up with other responsibilities then riding an e-Bike could finally give you more time to have fun.


You will find new places to ride.


If you have a limited set time to ride each week then the chances are you will play it safe and just ride those trails that you already know, but what about all those new places to ride? Those untouched areas that haven’t seen a bike before? 


Riding an e-Bike means that you can take in your regular ride, but still have time left over to explore someplace new. You don’t need to worry about how long it will take to get up that unknown hill, or over to that next valley.


You will ride more often.


In addition, to give you more time and freedom to ride new places, an e-Bike also means that you will ride more often. Those nights that you come home with a spare hour to ride, can now turn in to more loops of your local trail or more runs down your favourite downhill.


If you find yourself struggling to get out in cold or wet weather, an e-Bike is a great enabler, and you’ll be more motivated to venture out into the poor weather if you know you can turn around and shoot home if you need to.


You will be fitter.


Riding more, exploring new places and using your limited time to rider further will also mean you’ll be fitter. Ignore those people who say that riding an e-bike is cheating because riding an electric mountain bike fast and hard is an excellent way of keeping in shape.


You will become a better rider.


So you’re riding more often, you’re healthier, you’ve ridden in new locations and now obviously you’re a much better rider. The stronger you are, the more you ride and the more confident you are on a bike, the better you will be as a rider.


Now that you you know you need an e-Bike in your life go and read about the Patrol E-Zero hardtail e-MTB and Patrol E-Six E-Enduro e-MTB.