5 ways to get your mountain bike ready for winter!

What does Winter riding mean for you? Does it mean warm weather and dusty trails, or will it mean earlier nights, wet trails, mud and even snow? If the latter applies to you then you'll want to follow our 5 top tips to get your mountain bike ready for winter riding.


So what are the 5 best ways to get your mountain bike ready for winter? Keep reading below to find out.


Change your tyres

In the summer we get to ride in the dust, along hard paced trails and dry rocks, but as the winter rolls around we have to contend with more severe conditions. 


Those dusty trails might now be a muddy bog, the grippy rocks are slick and slick, and there is nothing hard-packed about those trails now. 


One of the best ways to improve your mountain bike's performance in winter is to change the tyres. What tyres you choose depends on your conditions but if you're riding in mud a spiked tyre or something with a deep trend with plenty of space between the trend for it to clear.


Convert to tubeless

As you're changing your tyres, it would now be a great time to also convert your bike to tubeless. This isn't necessarily a winter tip as tubeless is a great all-weather upgrade to your bike. Converting to tubeless means adding rim tape to your rims, using special valves and adding a liquid sealant. The benefits are a lower weight, the option to run lower tyre pressures and less chance of getting a puncture while out on a ride.


Fit a mudguard

There are 100s of mud-guards to choose from but most are designed to quickly fit to your forks via zip ties or velcro straps. You might not find it necessary to fit a rear mudguard, but one of the front will keep debris and dirt from being thrown in your face as you Patrol. Choose the largest mudguard you can find for greater coverage.


Protect your dropper post 

Now that you have removed those inner tubes from your bike what are you going to do with them? Well, we suggest you keep one as an emergency fix for while your riding, but the other can be used to protect your dropper post from mud, water and dirt. Simply cut a length of inner tube, remove the saddle from your post and slide the tube over. This might look a little odd but it will help to protect the slider and seal from mud and grit. For adding security use zip ties to hold it in place. Also, remember to clean under the tube from time to time, especially after every dirty rides.


Add some grip to your levers


On very dirty and wet rides you might start to struggle with grip on your dropper post remote or brake levers. There are a few methods to get around this either by using special brake lever and dropper remote grips, or simply using some adhesive grip tape and making your own. Use something like the grip tape found on a skateboard and cut small patches out to the right size and fit them to your dropper remote and brake levers and you'll never struggle no matter how muddy the conditions are. Just remember to wear gloves!


So there we have it! 5 winter tips to get your mountain bike ready for Winter! Now that you'll be riding for longer this year remember to share your Patrol photos with us on social media using the #patrolingtheworld.