Patrol kids mountain bikes, proper off-road bikes for little shredders

Fast fun bikes for little shredders ready to tackle any mountain. 

Remember that feeling of jumping on your bike as a kid? There was nothing better than the feeling of freedom, the joy of the ride, pulling mile-long skids. It's the same for your young shredders too, only the bikes available for your kids are worlds ahead of the bikes we rode. 

Patrol's kids' bikes are designed and built for kids, by bigger kids. Lightweight frames are easy to move around but tough enough for sidewalk scrapes and park booters. 

And because we know our young riders can go as big, if not bigger than we can, we spec the Patrol range of kids bikes out with real mountain bike components, proper off-road tires, and use geometry tuned to help influence a new breed of mountain biker.

Patrol 016

Sporting 16in wheels, the Patrol 016 is designed to be your child's first real off-road bike. A lightweight alloy frame makes the 016 easy for your little rider to move about. Single-speed is just pure simple fun, and chunky Vee Tire tires offer grip and comfort in all conditions.

  • Lightweight alloy frame.
  • Cool new colors.
  • Real off-road tires.
  • Little shredder tuned geometry.

Patrol 020

With those necessary off-road skills under their belt, your little shredder is now ready for the Patrol 020 with powerful and easy to use hydraulic disc brakes, a custom-tuned SR suspension fork and a 1 x 9 SRAM drivetrain. This is the bike you wish you had when you were a kid.

  • Powerful and easy to use hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Burly Vee Tire tires.
  • SRAM 1 x 9 gears.
  • Kid-friendly geometry and components.

See our range or Patrol Kids' bikes here.