Legendary Pemberton Railway Gap cleared on the $3199 Patrol 691

When you see freeride legends hitting huge gaps and impossible jumps they're normally riding custom-built bikes designed to do just one thing, going big or going home. 

This had Patrol rider, Ben Thomson, wondering if those massive gaps that we see going viral on YouTube are possible on a bike that we can all afford?

On a recent trip to Whistler, Ben had the perfect opportunity to test his theory on the 2020 Patrol 691, a bike that costs just $3199, but still capable of clearing the infamous Pemberton Railway Gap. Watch the action in the video below;

Video: Pemberton Railway Gap On The Patrol 691

The gap jump has riders clear an entire railway line, a total distance of more than 30 feet, before landing on the other side on a barely built landing. 

In the past viral videos had shown us it was possible on expensive downhill bikes, but this video proves our 160mm travel enduro bike is more than capable of gapping this legendary jump too.

What's more, Ben had spent an entire vacation hammering the Patrol 691 on in the Whistler Bike Park, before attempting this jump, more proof that the 691 is a capable, enduro machine we can all afford.

More more details of the Patrol 691 head over to our product pages here.