Made for #Patroling: 2020 Patrol E-Zero

For riders curious to experience the advantages of e-MTB power, we've created the new Patrol E-Zero S and E-Zero. These electric hardtail mountain bikes get Shimano Steps motors, Patrol spec internal 600Wh battery packs, and built with premium components.

Being a hardtail e-MTB makes the E-Zero range a versatile e-MTB, happy to ride in the mountains or scoot to the shop. E-Zero is your trail companion no matter where you ride.

Patrol E-Zero S and E-Zero

While developing the E-Six E-enduro bikes, we asked ourselves, "What about riders wanting to use their bikes for more than gnarly turns and huge drops?". And it was a good point. The E-Six might be an efficient all-rounder, but for riders wanting to use their e-MTB for more than off-road riding, we needed to build something else.

Luckily we had 2 great starting points. The excellent 091 hardtail and Shimano's motor and our 600Wh battery technology. Combining the 2 produced the Patrol E-Zero, an e-MTB you can ride anywhere. With tweaked geometry to make the most from the 70Nm motor, you'll find the E-Zero is just as playful and competent on the trail as a traditional bike, only you can ride for longer and go further.

E-Zero is offered in 2 build options a mid-level E-Zero and top-end E-Zero S. Both come with the same powerful Shimano motor and an internal battery for improved handling and range. We even build both variants with 1x12 Shimano drivetrains, 29in wheels, SDG finishing kit, and 110mm Fox suspension. 

The E-Zero is a true mountain bike, but it's also a great tourer, commuter, and even car alternative. Simple, no fuss, no compromise e-MTB performance.