Indonesia’s Patrol releases 4 New Bikes for 2020

Earlier today I posted a first look at the new Patrol E-Six, but that 150mm travel enduro e-Bike wasn’t all Patrol has launched this year.

A few weeks ago I was lucky, really lucky, to visit Bali to soak up the sights and take a few 2020 mountain bikes for a spin. Bali isn’t your usual press launch destination, but we were there because Patrol is an Indonesian brand and what better place to test out some bikes than own home turf.

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2020 Patrol E-Six

I’ve gone into more detail for the E-Six over on Singletrack Charged, but here is a quick intro. The E-Six is what Patrol calls an E-Enduro bike, and the extra E is for electric.

Patrol has designed its own 150mm travel chassis based around a 630Wh custom battery and Shimano’s E8000 drive system. There are 2 build kits, 4 size options, and 3 colour choices.

Of the models available the E-Six S is the most eye-catching with a full XT drivetrain and Fox Kashima suspension.

More details here.

  • Patrol E-Six: $6,299
  • Patrol E-Six S-Spec: $5,499