We’ve finally done it! All that experience from building enduro and trail bikes has been blended together with one of the best e-Bike motors on the planet. Take a first glimpse at the all-new Patrol E-Six E-Enduro e-MTB.

Fans of Patrol already know that we don't compromise. If a bike isn’t one we want to ride, then it’s not a bike that we’re going to build, and this is why we come a little late to the e-MTB party.

Some manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon out of the gates, and their early e-MTB attempts were, well…. Interesting to say the least. We don’t believe in rushing, that’s why we spent a great deal of time and effort to create an e-MTB we’re proud of.

Patrol E-Six and E-Six S

The E-Six range was actually developed alongside our new Patrol 691 enduro platform, so right from the start, we knew we had the perfect chassis. Our engineers also knew from the beginning that we had no intention of bolting on an ugly external battery. No, we wanted our e-MTB to look just like a mechanical one and handle like one too.

Our E-Six range comes in 2 versions, there's the E-Six and the E-Six S. The S-Spec basically being an E-Six with every piece of mountain bike bling bolted to it right at the factory. Although different in build the 2 bikes actually share the most important components to ensure they ride as well as one another..

Both the E-Six and E-Six S are powered by a 70Nm Shimano Steps E8000 motor for reliable and powerful grunt. Our e-MTB specific frame design allows us to use an integrated 600Wh battery. More capacity means more range, and a lower center of gravity equals improved maneuverability.

E-Six rolls on hard-hitting 29in wheels with quality Maxxis tires, and each E-Six in the range runs excellent Fox Suspension front and rear. Because we understand the average E-Six ride is going to challenge themselves at every possible opportunity, a 1 x 12 drivetrain, powerful brakes and hydraulic dropper post all come as standard.

Finally, with 150mm of progressive travel at the rear and 160mm travel at the front, there aren't many places on Earth the E-Six won't happily take you.

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