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We are mountain bikes. Built for superior performance and crafted to elevate the experience of off-road riding, our goal is to eliminate the feeling of a machine underfoot so that riders are immersed in the thrill of speed and outdoor exploration, as well as prepared to compete. Racers and riders alike rely on Patrol to provide every tactical advantage possible and we deliver across multiple event categories. Our product, ultimately, is the simple joy of biking. 



Starting with a single retail store in 1963, our founders moved steadily into manufacturing bikes designed with riding enjoyment in mind above all else. Today, we have manufacturing facilities across Asia building European-designed products for a global market. As a third generation family-owned company, we are still informed by our small business roots as we strive to deliver value to our riders of every level, standing behind our products and retail relationships so that customers can enjoy the best of what biking has to offer.



Product Numbering

We use a simple 3 or 4 digit number system to name each bike in our line. Here’s how it works:


Material. Our carbon-framed bikes start with the letter C followed by three additional digits. Our alloy-framed bikes consist simply of the three descriptive digits explained below.

Travel. The first numerical digit denotes the suspension travel in inches. The values for this first number are 4 (the XC line), 5 (the Trail line), 6 (the All-Mountain Enduro line), 8 (the Downhill line) as well as O (letter "O") for our Hardtail line 

Tire Size. The next number denotes tire size. The values are 7 or 9. A 7 means the bike has 27.5" wheels and a 9 means the bike has 29" wheels. 

Spec Level. The last number denotes the spec level of each bike’s essential components. Values range from 1 to 4, 1 being our highest-spec offering.